TS SSC Grading System 2017 – Calculate Telangana 10th Class Exam Grade Points

Board of Secondary Education, Telangana (BSETG) has come up with new grading system for issuing TS SSC Results 2017  as last year and we all know that. But, only few among the thousands of students pursuing 10th class under the academic year 2016-17 under BSETG are aware of this as it has been introduced only the previous year and it is new to them. So, to make each and every students understand the TS 10th class grading system clearly, we have come up with the complete information here through which students get educated and know what actually is TS SSC Grading system and how it is helpful for them. To know all the information, please read the below given details.

Telangana 10th Class Examinations 2017 Grading System

BSETG board which has come up with the new grading system for TS 10th exam results last year will be followed the same this year too i.e., the process is same as previous year. This ystem is also called as GPA system. Based on this grading system, the final result will be given to the students appeared in the TS SSC 2017 exams. Mainly this grading system has been introduced to reduce the burden on the students and their results tension. Most of the people has heart fully accepted this system and so this will be followed in the coming years too.

In this TS SSC Grading system, the result will be issued to the students in the form of grade based on the marks obtained in the each subject as well as based on the overall performance in the exam. For every subject the student will be awarded a particular grade through which students can evaluate the marks obtained in the particular subject and also the final grade will be given for the calculated overall marks from all the subjects. The grades will range from A1 to E. It is said that there are few changes made in this system this year in which the grade will also be given to the students failed in the exams and this is said to be implemented this year. Check out the below table to know completely about the grades and the grading system of TS SSC Exams 2017.

Check TS SSC Grading System 2017 Here

Below table will show you the grades for the range of marks obtained in the each subject along with the respective grade points. So, refer the table clearly to know more and to calculate your marks.

Marks Range - Telugu, English, Science, Mathematics and Social
Marks Range - Hindi
Grade Point
92 – 100 Marks
90 – 100 Marks
83 – 91 Marks
80 – 89 Marks
75 – 82 Marks
70 – 79 Marks
67 – 74 Marks
60 – 69 Marks
59 – 66 Marks
50 – 59 Marks
51 – 58 Marks
40 – 49 Marks
43 – 50 Marks
30 – 39 Marks
35 – 42 Marks
20 – 29 Marks
34 – 0 Marks (Less Than 35)
19 - 0 (Less than 20)

Students can also check the below given table to know clearly about the exact grades the students will get for the exact range of marks obtained in the exam in overall.

Marks Range
91 – 100 Marks
Grade A1
81 – 90   Marks
Grade A2
71 – 80   Marks
Grade B1
61 – 70   Marks
Grade B2
51 – 60   Marks
Grade C1
41 – 50   Marks
Grade C2
35 – 40   Marks
Grade D1
21 – 35   Marks
Grade D2
0 – 20     Marks
Grade E

How to Calculate Subject Wise Grade and Grade Points along with overall GPA of TS SSC Results 2017??

Here is the example table that shows the procedure to calculate the TS 10th grade and grade points based on the marks obtained in the exam and cross verify them.

Subject Name
Grade Points
Telugu - First Language
Hindi - Second Language
English - Third Language
General Science
Social Studies

GPA = Subject 1+ Subject 2+ Subject 3+ Subject 4+ Subject 5+ Subject 6/6

Using the above formula, one can calculate the overall GPA of the TS SSC Results 2017.

Now, Grade Point Average (GPA): 8+10+10+8+9+9 = 54/6 = 9

Calculate TS 10th Results 2017 Grade Score

Based on the overall grade the student obtained in the exam, they can calculate or assume their grade average score with the help of the below given table. The table shows the grades, GPA along with their respective marks range. So, check out the table and know your assumed score before the exact score is released by the board.

Marks Range
Grade A1 Means
550 to 600
Grade A2 Means
499 to 549
Grade B1 Means
448 to 498
Grade B2 Means
397 to 447
Grade C1 Means
346 to 396
Grade C2 Means
295 to 345
Grade D1 Means
245 to 294
Grade D2 Means
195 to 244
Grade E Means
194 and Below

There are also other grades issued by the board as given below with their respective meaning. So, do check it and know what they actually mean.

WH Means
Result With Held for want of information
MP Means
CP Means
Compartmentally passed
AB Means
Absent for all Papers

This is all about the TS 10th Grading system. Hope, students understand it clearly and calculate their respective scores. Keep visiting this site for more update on TS SSC exams and results 2017.


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